Allen Rhoades

Hi, I'm Allen from Fort Worth, Texas. If you're here then you may be looking to get together.
Below is info on who I am that hopefully will be helpful for you on any path we may end up traveling together.

A follower of Jesus Christ

To other followers of Christ: I really desire the mutual encouragement of each other to love and good works. So just let me know if you'd like to meet up sometime and discuss where we are each coming from or to seek God together.
I try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as conveyed by his eye witness followers and those who were with them. I am not personally a follower of any denomination nor am I seeking one but it's not a hindrance to me if you are.

To those of other beliefs: I recognize there are other views and am not surprised when you express your view. I would enjoy getting together and sharing our prospective views if you so desire.

An IT Specialist/Manager

I have over two decades of computer experience in areas such as development, training, liason, and as a manager with twenty-five staff. My experience also includes work in systems, computer support, and as an Oracle DBA.

I enjoy working together in a common goal. To augment your vast experience and knowledge of your business with my experience and knowledge of computers to achieve great gains for your business.

I was doing Agile Development before Agile Development was cool :). When I first read the Agile Manifesto and Agile Principles it was not a new concept but rather a validation of the direction I had already been traveling to deliver working software quickly and frequently.

An Educator

I have taught extensively at various times of my life. As a young teen I taught Sunday School, as a professional I've trained thousands, as a father I've homeschooled my five children. I currently volunteer teaching at a homeschool cooperative. I have taught and coached in the Science, Technology, and Mathematics parts of STEM.

I have coached Science Olympiad for a decade. I hope to encourage other area groups to also start this tremendous competitive experience.

As a college math major I am passionate about real mathematics - a creative search for pattern. I am saddened by the poor methodology that is ubiquitous today. A famous and very readable A Mathemtician's Lament describes the issues and has some suggestions on this issue.